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terça-feira, 26 de agosto de 2014

Beastie Boys - Live @ Lowlands Festival, Netherlands, 28-08-1998

Source: Soundboard

1.     the Biz vs the Nuge and the Mo
2.     Sure Shot (Pt. 1)
3.     Sure Shot (Pt. 2)
4.     Skills to Pay the Bills
5.     (Beastie Boy Suggestion)
6.     Time to Get Ill
7.     Time to Get Ill (Different Beat)
8.     Shake your Rump (Take One)
9.     Shake your Rump (Take Two)
10.  Sabrosa
11.  Time for Livin'
12.  Ride my Bike (Riot Fight)
13.  Remote Control
14.  Super Disco Breakin'
15.  Flute Loop
16.  Putting Shame in your Game
17.  Alright Hear This
18.  Slow and Low
19.  Lighten Up (With Monkey Noise)
20.  Song for the Man
21.  Egg Raid on Mojo
22.  Tough Guy
23.  Root Down
24.  Body Movin'
25.  Three MC's and One DJ
26.  Something's Got to Give
27.  Rickys Theme (With Guitar)
28.  Mix Master Mike and Gratitude

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